Wednesday, August 06, 2008

When good blogging goes bad...

The Senior Director of Marketing at Citrix for XenServer, Roger Klorese recently posted on his blog taking fire at competitor VMware for their hypervisor not running in 32MB of memory as claimed only VMware doesn't make that claim. The problem then shifts to how big a hole Roger can dig himself while casting a harsh light on his company.

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This is the kind of thing in this world of "Web 2.0" that really blows me away. Here you have someone who is supposed to be a face to the world for a software product. In one post, he manages to cast a shadow on the product he is in fact trying to market by not being able to let go of an argument. Instead of admitting a misunderstanding of the facts, he continues on for comment after comment trying to defend his position to the death.

The fact of the matter is, I don't know anyone technical who understands that VMware ESX 3i operates in 32MB of memory. The entire idea is ludicrous and then to attempt to discredit VMware for some claims that it hasn't made is even more so. It may not be the biggest feature of the product but it was noteworthy at the time that they removed a large chunk of the OS in order to make it installable in more places and remove potential security holes that existed in the products included in the Linux client.

Keep going Roger, you'll hit China soon.

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