Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Socializing my internets

Today I spent some time making my blog here into a kind of social spiderweb for my online activities. A while back I had signed up for Twitter for tracking the stock of the Nintendo Wii. After reading an article about some uses for microblogging, I started to see some value in these micromusings. So, that started a registration spree for me adding friends to Twitter, creating an account with Technorati to "public-ize" my home away from home, and set up various badges linking to my other online social services.

So, after spending years away, maybe I'll find I have something to say. I've often spent most of my online time socializing on Ticker Talk but found it consumed far too much of my productivity. Perhaps this miniaturized version of socializing will prove more manageable in an otherwise busy day.

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