Friday, April 18, 2008

Internet TV and me

Last night I think I became a convert of this whole Internet TV streaming thing. I'm a subscriber to the most basic of basic cable, 12 channles in all, and yet I still find enough things to watch to fill my 1TB MythTV. But because of this, I miss important shows like Battlestar Galactica which air only on the premium channels. Thanks to, I can now watch my BSG without resorting to downloading it from online sources. It works great on my TV set to full screen.

A few months ago I also rigged up my new HP Media Center PC to my TV so I could use the Netflix Watch Now feature (only works on Windows so my MythTV is out). Not only did I watch the latest BSG episode last night, but I found that the CBS showing of the latest Dexter episode I was watching was delayed, probably due to some sports, and I missed 45 minutes of the show. No problem, Dexter Season 1 is on Netflix Watch now and I saw it in all its uncensored glory.

Now I certainly wouldn't want to watch all my TV this way, but in a pinch, getting episodes of two shows I really like from online sources was a huge benefit to me and I didn't have to resort to any nefarious schemes.

Now if we can just get this all a little better integrated with the TV rather than rigging up an expensive Media Center PC...

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