Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Book Tag

My friend tRUMAN "book tagged" me the other day before I left for the ride. Per his instructions, here is my response:

# of books I own:
Hard to say without spending a great deal of time counting, but I would say probably in excess of 250.

Last book I bought:
The last book I bought was Brimstone by Preston and Child. I had never read their books before (although I did enjoy the movie, The Relic) and found it to be a really good book. Others have told me that it is one of the weakest of their offerings so I look forward to reading others.

Last book I read:
My mom brought me Dean R. Koontz's Velocity to read on the plane to and from the AIDSride. I enjoyed it much more than The Taking which I bought and read before Brimstone. Still not equal to his earlier offerings like Lightning.

Five Books that Mean A Lot to Me:
The first would have to be The Bible (no link, I think you know what it is). It is the foundation of my life and by far the most important book.

The second book is Growing Kids God's Way. While Ezzo might be a controversial figure, we have found his thoughts on parenting to be invaluable in raising our own kids to be respectful, kind, and generous people. I've never read the contested book, Babywise, that they have written, but their thoughts in this book have laid a foundation that has worked well for our family.

The third book is one that carved my faith. As a man of science and also a man of religion, I have often struggled to reconcile these two things. My wife gave me a great book, The Case for Christ. It takes a journalistic approach to the evidence of Christ. While I don't ascribe to take anything that tries to scientifically prove the existance of the divine, it is an interesting read that has stuck with me over the years.

Oddly, the fourth book that comes to mind is actually a trio of books by Paul Reiser, Couplehood, Parenthood, and Babyhood. Each, I recall, touched me with funny stories and insight that I still find relevant today. A lighthearted look at different phases of life.

And finally, I have to list The Lord of the Rings, by far my favorite fiction.

ML, tag, you're it!

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