Thursday, March 24, 2005

At times I wish I had a camera phone

I had to take a trip to Germany (near Frankfurt specifically) last week. It is times like that I wish had a camera phone or something to take quick pictures with. I love landing at the Frankfurt airport as there is a USAF base there and seeing the planes on the tarmac is a great thing. And usually, you can spot at least one or two US soliders walking through the airport. Snapping a quick picture of our men and women in action would have made for a great image. As it was I could only offer a quick hello and thanks. Still, made me feel good seeing those that are sacrificing so much for us.

All in all it was a good trip. Only managed to break some minor work related things. Got to watch the extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring which was exceptional and much better than the original theatrical release. I only made it through half of The Two Towers so I have some more to watch for sure. I also bought Half Life 2 and found it quite engaging and still playable on my ancient laptop. I have to admit to looking up a hint to get out of one of the puzzles and I'm stuck on another currently. I need to reinstall the game on my desktop and home and see how it works with a little more horsepower.

Also got a chance to bowl with the guys at the office there. Bowling is bowling apparently, even in Europe, so we had alot of fun. I was told they had these great burgers at the alley. Ironically, they were called "Chicago Burgers" despite the lack of such a food item in Chicago that I'm aware of. It ended up being a grilled burger not much different from a McDonalds burger. Had a tasty sauce, but I told my coworker there, who is travelling to the states this week, to stop at a Fudruckers and try a real burger before he heads back.

Seems I have a bit of travelling coming up this year. First vacation to Jamacia, then the Vegas gathering in May, and after that, the AIDSride in California. That reminds me, I need to book my tickets for Vegas...

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